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Six Maintenance Tips For Lime Rotary Kiln

Published 2014/10/20 9:42:40

Rotary kiln belongs to building material equipment in classifying, which is required to process such building material as Taoli sand, cement and lime. It is large resource consumption of equipment, and may create pollutional problems. In order to prevent secondary pollution in production, rotary kiln is equipped with dusting system in the production system, and coal-fired equipment is furnished with burner with three winds road or four winds road.

There is no doubt that quality of lime rotary kiln manufactured in Hongke Machinery is very good. For good rotary kiln, improper maintenance will present problems. If you want your equipment to be used for a long time and operated effectively, maintenance is very important. Here is common sense of maintenance in this text.
Pay attention to maintenance when using rotary kiln:
1. Check cleaning and oiling of supporting roller bearing or bushing.
2. Check leakage of circulating water system.
3. Check wearing and lubrication of transmission reducer and gear of rotary kiln.
4. Check cylinder body for crack, wearing of tie plate and tightness of bole of each part.
5. Check seal wearing of end and tail of rotary kiln.
6. Check wearing and service condition of kiln lining within kiln.

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