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Acceptance of rotary dryer

Published 2014/10/20 15:39:50

The installation requirements for rotary dryer are very technical with high technological standards. Before installation, we must ensure that all parts are complete. We are required to do well in acceptance of equipment. How to conduct acceptance checks on rotary dryer? Our engineer will explain it in detail in this text.

Acceptance work is preparation work of rotary dryer before installation, which can be divided into two parts: namely foundation acceptance and equipment acceptance.
I. Foundation acceptance of rotary dryer
Foundation acceptance is to check placement quality of foundation concrete and size position deviation.
1. Placement quality standard of foundation concrete: base surface shall be clean without oil stain, ash, sundries as well as carcass nudity, cracking and unfilled corner in appearance. There shall be no residual shuttering and other pouring defects within preformed hole.
2. Requirements for size position deviation: Vertical and horizontal axes based error shall be less than 20mm; different plane elevation error shall be less than 20mm; total length of inclination shall be less than 20 mm; non-flatness shall be less than 5mm/m, and total length shall be less than 10mm on the plane.
II. Equipment acceptance of rotary dryer
1. Inventory packing list: check parts, component, standard parts, accompanying documents for its missing parts as well as deformation and damage, and keep documentary for procurement or preparation.
2. Check finishing: get rid of coating protective covering as well as dust, oil stain and corrosion when packing, and check damage and deformation resulting from finishing in process of cargo handling.
3. Pre-examination and pre-assembly: conduct pre-examination and pre-assembly for parts and hinge mating parts to prevent rework during installation and ensure installation process and quality.
As foundation acceptance and equipment acceptance are premise and guarantee of correct installation for rotary dryer, we shall make sure that recheck standards of foundation concrete pouring quality and size position deviation are within the range, there is no missing and damage for equipment, and parts hinge can be assembled to prevent rework during installation.

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