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8 Facts affecting drying effect

Published 2014/10/21 10:38:06

Facts affecting drying effect

The users always focus on production efficiency. For rotary dryer, its production efficiency mainly includes drying effect and output per hour. Our specialist will discuss what are the factors affecting the drying effects of rotary dryer?

I. Structure-properties and water content of material
Different structure-properties of material has different drying rate in the same drying condition. Bigger water content of drying material, more heat of evaporation of water from material will need.
II. Temperature, humidity and flow rate of drying medium
Higher temperature of drying medium and less relative humidity is; larger flow rate is and shorter is drying time. However, temperature, humidity and rate of drying medium is affected by material properties and drying equipment.
III. Contacts between drying medium and material
Increasing contact area of drying medium and material can improve drying rate, for example, being equipped with lifting board. Larger specific surface of material is, and shorter drying time, thus being conductive to crushing of and drying material.
IV. Loading capacity of material
Loading capacity of material directly affects not only amount of drying material moisture but uniformity of material pouring within drum. Less material loading allows less moisture, and fast drying speed. If material loading capacity is few, specific heat energy loss will be high even though drying speed is very fast. Material loading capacity is generally adequate for 50%-80% of approved material capacity from a consideration of comprehensive energy consumption an drying rate.
V. Rationality of combustion chamber structure and quality of combustion
VI. Structure of rotary dryer
Different structure of equipment have different working principle, thus create working efficiency.
VII. Load ratio and rotary speed of drying equipment
For drying of same weight of material under a certain condition, drum capacity is too big, the better of improvement of drying speed. In addition, propriety of drum speed will directly influence uniformity of material pouring within drum in process of drying. More uniform pours clothes on premise of confirmed drum capacity; it will mean that bigger surface area exposed of moisture will be more favorable to evaporation of water in material.

VIII. Air draft of blower fan of rotary dryer and intake and exhaust air

Blower fan is the key heart of rotary dryer. When blower capacity is matched with heater heat, it will give rise to large blower capacity and faster drying speed.

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