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Tips for sawdust dryer

Published 2014/10/21 15:35:37

When using sawdust dryer, we often would like to conduct one-off drying of equipment, thus economizing manpower and material resources and being conductive to equipment. What details should notice in operating process except equipment. Principle of sawdust dryer is to maximize contact area between material and hot wind. Therefore sawdust is equipped with air furnace at feed end, and induced draft fan at discharge hole, which can make sawdust dry fully by doing it.

Sawdust dryer

Sometimes we think principle of sawdust is to maximize its contact area, thus increasing force of induced draft fan. Thought about this is correct, but that is not true. If gravitation gets powerful enough, contact time of material raised by lifting board and hot air will be relatively shorter, and there will be more ashes at discharge hole. It not only serves bad purpose but rather may lead to contract and increase working efficiency.
For one-off drying of sawdust, such facts as water content of sawdust, water content when discharging and length of sawdust dryer shall be taken into account, which can ensure full access and access time of material and hot air in this way. For example, when manufacturing mechanism charcoal, water content of sawdust is required to be 6% to 10%. We usually choose 0.8*8m dryer, and temperature is controlled at about 500℃.
In fact, for one-off drying of sawdust, we shall base on actual experience and own demands, and consult professional technician for operation and control.

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