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Problem solving of dryer III

Published 2014/10/24 9:58:04

Blasting of dryer
1. Excess drying temperature results in ignition and firing of drying equipment;
2. Drying equipment is blocked.
1. Reducing drying temperature;
2. Cleaning drying equipment.
Materials cannot be extracted
1. Drying equipment is improper, leaking or wrong;
Drying equipment design has problem, and wind pressure is not enough.
1. Check whether installation is correct by installation drawing of comparison, and check whether pipe connection
2. Consult with manufacturer
Material in chimney of separator is discharged
1. Separator is too small;
2. Here is something wrong with separator;
3. Miscalculation of wind net and wind pressure
1. Replace or reform separator;
2. Consult with manufacturer
3. Consult with manufacturer

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