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How to adjust material fineness of Raymond mill ?

Published 2014/10/24 10:14:37

The impact crushing speed of Raymond mill manufactured from Hongke Machinery is optimal for specific material and gradation from perspective of Raymond energy utilization. Raymond energy utilization is the highest at this crushing speed. If it is higher this speed, product fineness is smaller, but energy utilization will be reduced. Due to optimal crushing speed of different material and granular size, no unified formula can be used to calculate highest energy utilization what is the rotor linear velocity when crushing material. Precise data and rotor linear velocity and feed particle size can be available through experience. Due to improvement of fan speed, increasing in handing capacity of classifier per unit time results in change of wind power system. Parameter of wind power system is required to be adjusted to guarantee classification efficiency of classifier will not be reduced.

For Raymond mill, material carries out two carrying through draught fan at the end of system or fan within mill, and fan plays a very important role in it. The fan assisted in its function when material crushed by the first two chambers are conveyed upward to classifier, linear velocity of rotor and fan can be improved; air velocity is increased; conveying capacity of air flow is improved; amount of material that is conveyed to classifier is increased. Fine material processed by classifier is increased accordingly in the same period of time without influencing classification efficiency of classifier. If size composition of granular to be classified crushed by the first two chambers and classification efficiency of classifier is unchanged, acceptable product qualified for classifier will be increased accordingly. When upward air flow is increased, unqualified particle will be passed due to increase of air flow. Therefore, wind power system shall be adjusted properly.

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