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The maintenance technique of three cylinder dryer

Published 2014/10/24 11:52:49

Some parts of three cylinder rotary dryer is worn, corroded and aged at different levels and gradually reduce original precision and efficiency in process of running with the time increasing and influence of operating condition. If three cylinder dryer is repaired designedly, it can get recovery in time. Due to different working content and function, repair and maintenance of three cylinder dryer cannot be replaced by each other.

Repair work of three cylinder dryer can be divided into current repair, medium repair and heavy repair, which shall be prepared according to using and maintenance of dryer. In addition, there are accident repair and emergency measures for dealing with accident, belong to unplanned repair. Key points for equipment inspection includes running and wearing of equipment, recording of main technical state and load characteristic as well as main precision deviation.

1. It shall be replaced and repaired if main parts wear enough to the following degree:
(1) If wearing of diving gear teeth reached 30% or 0.5m (module) or wheel flange has un-coverable damage, it shall be replaced and repaired.
(2) If there are crack and local deformation in cylinder body, it shall be replaced and repaired.
(3) If tyre surface is worn to taper and polygon and collusion crack are locally present, it shall be replaced.
(4) If ridding wheel journal diameter is worn to 20% of it, flange thickness is worn by 25% due to rolling of ridding wheel and thrust roller, wheel flange is worn to taper or other abnormity, or there is collusion crack in wheel flange, it shall be replaced and repaired.
(5) If lifting board is worn seriously, it shall be replaced.

Debugging and acceptance are final stage of equipment repair, which is the most comprehensive checkout procedure for checking project quality.

General condition required for trial run: foundation of construction or other concrete components are in good condition during repair process; it possesses proper strength and safety facility; electric and control component are perfect.

Inspection before trial run: meshing engagement number of exposed gear, fit quality of coupling and horizontal deviation of driving system. Check connection of parts that have been inspected and fasting again. It shall be debugged on the premise of running separately. Loaded test run is final inspection of equipment repair quality. If load condition of equipment can meet specified technical requirements in running of overload, it will reach intended purpose of working.

2. Safety precautions
(1) Any maintenance shall be conducted after parking and motor switch shall be marked with sign “ No driving”.
(2) We shall not stick hands or other tools into bearing, reducer or internal big gear wheel for any repair, check or cleaning, and may not tear safety protection facilities.
(3)We shall not scrub machine surface by using wiping cloth, and wind material that used for wiping on rotary parts.
(4) Repairing tools and parts shall not be placed in rotary parts especially ridding wheel.
(5) Tighten work clothes to avoid fatal accident as gusset is caught up in rotating parts of equipment.

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