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Operating skills of rotary kiln

Published 2014/10/25 13:00:51

Rotary kiln is more likely to encounter some problems in its using process. We are here to explore operation mode and experience of rotary kiln.

1. Operation of ignition
When commissioning, it will encounter ignition after new construction or maintenance. Before ignition, linkage trial run of firing system shall be carried out to prevent such abnormal working condition as pre-heater with high temperature and blocking of cyclone and tremie pipe due to small fault of equipment when feeding materials.
2. Adhering kiln coating
After changing brick (which refers to firing zone), kilning shall be operated, and be careful to avoid thermal shock. For adhering kiln coating, it has some requirements for raw material composition especially for amount of liquid phase and refractoriness of material. Excessive liquid phase is easier to form kiln coating, collapse and is insecure, which cannot stand calcinations at high temperature. For little liquid phase and fire resisting of material, it is difficult to form kiln coating , and formed kiln coating is very firm.
3. Processing of unstable incoming material
Raw material feeding of raw material is fluctuant with small amplitude of fluctuation in regular production. When equipment encounters some problems or raw material is easier to caking at the top of warehouse or warehouse wall due to instability of raw material moisture during the rainy season, which results in poor baiting, and bigger amplitude of fluctuation will appear.
4. Formation and treatment measures of dusty clinker
Formation of dusty clinker is mainly caused by three factors.
I. Improper dosing of material results in high SM and IM and low iron content so that liquid phase is lower when calcining with increase of liquid phase viscosity, and it is difficult to form C3S, thus forming dusty clinker;
II. In order to lower cost, some manufacturers use pozzolanicity coal ash as corrective material, which is easier to form dusty clinker;
III. Ineffective cooling machine effect also will result in dusty clinker.

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