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Faults analysis and disposal of Raymond mill I

Published 2014/10/28 11:49:16

All faults of Raymond mill may be disposed as following measures in its using process by summarizing production and sales, customer feedback and experience of engineers.

I. The powder cannot be charged or powder discharging is few with low output.
(1) Lock powder fails to be adjusted well with un-strict sealing, which result in suck-back of powder.
(2) Shovel nose tool is excessively worn, and material cannot be shoveled.
Solve methods:
(1) Check and adjust sealing of lock powder, for air leakage, we shall handle it by shovel nose tool.
(2) Replace new shovel nose tool.
II. Finished powder is too rough or fine.
Cause: (1) Fan of analytic set is highly worn, and has no classification effect.
(2) Fan delivery is improper
Solve methods: Replace blade height and turn fan air input down appropriately to solve coarse problem.
III. Host current is increased, machine temperature is very high, and fan current is decreased.
Cause: Material feeding is excessive; air course is blocked by powder; air exhaust of pipe is poor, and heat of circulating current results in increase of main current and engine temperature, and decrease of fan current.
Solve methods: Reduce discharging capacity and clear residual powder of air course away.
Turn up punkah louver and temperature of material when feeding into machine shall be controlled below 6℃.

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