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How to assemble rotary dryer?

Published 2014/10/30 13:05:47

We shall pay more attention to accuracy and sealing of rotary dryer in its assembling process.

The basic task of assembly work is to guarantee assembly accuracy of rotary dryer, and assembly work includes fitting accuracy and dimension chain accuracy.

1. Fit accuracy: Assembly work of rotary dryer shall be conducted strictly according to fitting property prescribed by drawing. That is to say, there shall be suitable space or interference as well as specified mutual position accuracy between well-integrated components.

2.Chain accuracy: Although fitting accuracy of components can meet requirements, dimension chain error resulting from accumulated error may exceed prescribed limit.

3.Sealing: For oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage resulting from improper sealing material, pre-tighten degree and assembly position as assembling process of sealing device of rotary dryer is in conformity with requirements, it will lead to energy loss, reduction or loss of work capacity of machine and environment pollution, and may even cause serious accident.

Therefore, only strictly assembling according to requirements in assembly process can realize ultimate role of rotary dryer.

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