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How to improve efficiency of rotary dryer

Published 2014/10/31 15:50:49

Drying operation is an important step in drying process production, especially for cement plant with high-quality raw material and high moisture. Drying equipment needs to be set to dry materials. 

The common problems of rotary dryer are low drying efficiency, high heating rate and difficulty in controlling moisture of material discharging, which seriously affects normal operation of raw material. Therefore, how to improve rotary dryer efficiency is very concerned by users and us.

1. Improving temperature of drying medium of dryer 

Improvement of inlet temperature of drying medium can effectively enhance drying rate and reduce loss of waste heat within range of cylinder body.

2. Improving flow rate of drying medium 

When improving flow rate of drying medium, drying rate will be increased. Replacing drying medium timely is conductive to external diffusion process, improves medium flow, improperly increases length of cylinder body of dryer.

3. Improving internal structure of cylinder body of dryer, adopting combined raise material.

Heat transfer and mass transfer process is convection fact of medium within cylinder body. In order to increase contact area of material and drying medium and prolong contact time, raise material shall be equipped in cylinder body. 

4. Reducing material feeding granularity

Bigger contact area of material and drying medium, better drying effect, smaller material granularity, favorable improvement of drying efficiency in falling-rate periods of drying is. Material feeding granularity shall be less than 20 mm.

5. Using concurrent processing set-up where possible 

There are two set-up forms of rotary dryer, namely concurrent and countercurrent. Concurrent dryer has a high drying rate on the whole. As material discharging temperature of concurrent dryer is always lower waste gas temperature, it avoided activity of material at high temperature. Countercurrent is diametrically opposite to concurrent dryer.

6. Adopting step-less speed regulator

When adopting step-less speed regulator, the standing time of material within dryer can be regulated and controlled by adjusting revolving speed of dryer to ensure drying quality.

In conclusion, strengthening drying rate is main fact of improvement of dryer efficiency, and drying efficiency is related to condition of drying medium, internal structure and flow of dryer, material type, granularity, structure and property of amount of moisture. Therefore, we think that for an actual drying process, the factors should be comprehensively considered and improved pointedly to get good effect.

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