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Solution of abnormal noise in working process of lime rotary kiln

Published 2014/10/31 15:55:08

Lime rotary kiln is widely applied in painting with an advanced application technology. lime rotary kiln manufactured in Hongke Machinery is widely accepted by customers with convenient maintenance and easy operation compared with general rotary kiln.

We should solve abnormal noise in working process of lime rotary kiln timely, otherwise running efficiency of equipment will be influenced. We need relevant professionals to find cause of abnormal noise in time, and effective measures shall be adopted to solve it. Hongke Machinery will provide some feasible measures for your reference.

1. Support tripod of lime rotary kiln fails to reach specific stability. As setting of tripod is required to move other parts, it will result in discord of overall system. In addition, as load bearing of excessive pressure causes unbalance of kiln body, abnormal noise will appear. Therefore we need strength stability of tripod.

2. Big and small gear ring of lime cannot be inosculated. When installing gear ring, we fails to operate it in conformity with track as prescribed, and gear ring will cause running-in sound and produce abnormal noise. Therefore we shall follow specific rules to install gear ring.

3. Main motor of lime rotary kiln lacks reducer. As large power of main motor causes abnormal noise, it is requires to be furnished with reducer for balance of power of main motor.

4. Wind speed of air blower of lime rotary kiln can be adjusted properly. Excessive wind speed will cause system crash. Calcining temperature and wind speed of lime rotary kiln shall be controlled and regulated to prevent abnormal noise.

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