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Several approaches for improving production capacity of cement mill

Published 2014/11/1 9:58:03

Ball mill is the key equipment in production of cement, and working efficiency of subsequent job is determined by working capacity of mill. In order to guarantee normal production of cement production line, we have to ensure production capacity of ball mill. We will analyze approaches for improving mill production capacity from three aspects in the following test, namely material, mill ball structure and new technology. 

1) Material
Grinding material is featured with big friability. If it is easier to grind, production capacity will be higher. Otherwise, production capacity will be lower. When grinding material particle size is bigger, big steel ball shall be put into the first chamber in mill to ensure grinding medium can crush material. The first chamber serves as crusher, as crushing efficiency of mill is much lower than crusher’s, it will cause reasonable grinding process. So reducing grinding particle size can improve production capacity of mill and reduce power consumption. If material is fed uniformly with improper feeding amount, production capacity of mill will be improved.
2) Structure of cement mill
Fineness ratio of mill is related to production mode. For mill of open flow production system, in order to guarantee one-off qualification of fineness of product, fineness ratio shall be 3.5-6. For mill of cycle flow production system, fineness ratio shall be 2.5-3.5 in order to increase turn volume of material. Form, castor opening number and size of partition board shall be proper. Surface shape of mill liner has a great impact on mill production, so it may change lifting height of grinding medium, namely affect grinding medium for impact of material and efficiency of mill. We shall make a correct choice for form of lining plate. Grinding efficiency of material within mill is related to type, specification, grading and filling rate of grinding medium. Therefore, we shall choose it correctly and reasonably.
3) Adoption of new technology
Production capacity can be improved by adopting new technologies, for example, control grinding system; strength ventilation and water spray within mill, and add grinding aids into mill.

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