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Three facts affecting density of steel ball for ball mill

Published 2014/11/1 15:09:38

When choosing steel balls, two problems are often neglected. More steel ball is not always better, but proper hardness value is better; density of steel ball is a non-negligible problem. For influence of hardness, with increase of hardness, unit consumption of steel ball will be reduced unless crushing happens; in addition, it will cause small deformation of globe body, and more energy is used for crushing of ore particle, which can increase production rate of mill. Increase of ball hardness can only be moderate, but more harden is better. If we are only considering ball consumption, stronger hardness, lower consumption is. For production rate of mill, production rate is increased with increasing ball density within limits. When hardness exceeds a certain limit, it will have an adverse effect on mill production and makes production rate of mill decrease.

Density of steel ball is affected by three facts:
(1) Influence of materials such as steel, cast iron and alloy steel: different material has different density; steel density is larger than that of cast-iron; alloy steel is different according to density and content of alloying elements.
(2) Influence of steel ball manufacturing method: as rolling and forged steel ball is featured by compact organization, the density is bigger. As organization of forged cast steel and cast iron ball or casting alloy ball is not very compact and some of them even have air hole, the density is smaller. 
(3) Metallographic structure of steel ball: different crystal structure such as Martensite, Austenite, Bainite and Ferrite has different density, which also has an impact on crystal fineness.
When ball hardness is too high, there are two adverse reasons for ore grinding:
(1) If steel ball is rebounded and bounded seriously, it will result in part of energy loss. As more steel ball energy is not used for crushing, it has an influence on crushing.
(2) When ball hardness is too high, balls slide heavily and cannot effectively engage ore grain between balls, so milling action of ore grain is weakened.
For influence of steel ball density on ore grinding, generally speaking, same size of ball is denser, production rate is bigger. The density is smaller, the production rate is lower.
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