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Ten approaches of Rotary dryer trouble shooting I

Published 2014/11/3 10:25:42

Rotary Dryer belongs to large machinery. In the event of failure, it affects working efficiency with high maintenance cost. What shall we do when encountering failures in using process of equipment?  Finding the source of the problem and fixing it is the key.

I. Dried materials fail to meet specified moisture requirements. The simplest way to solve this situation is to control production capacity of Rotary dryer, and then increase or decrease supplied heat. 
II. Loud crack happens to mineral dryer. The most likely reason is that blocking of material within machine or excess temperature of dryer result in ignition inside the equipment. The rotary dryer should be immediately shut down for cleaning and we shall be responsible for routine maintenance of equipment. When temperature of dryer is exorbitant, fuel supply shall be reduced for fall of temperature of equipment to meet production requirements.
III. When cylinder body is running, rolling ring swings. If flank of female spade connector of rolling ring fails to be tightened to solve problems, tightening it slightly will solve problems. If it is too tighten, accident will occur.
IV. Specification of dryer installation is not met. In case of air leakage, low wind pressure will cause finished material after drying cannot discharge material normally. We need to check and adjust it according to drawing.
V. Space between bull wheel and pinion of dryer is broken. The solution for this situation is to firstly analyze riding wheel, thrust roller and pinion for its serious wearing, and then choose turning or replace new components in accordance with specific conditions.

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