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Ten approaches of dryer trouble shooting II

Published 2014/11/3 10:34:04

VI. Ignition happens to material within rotary dryer. (1) If specification fails to meet requirements and small equipment dries too much material, material will catch fire when raising the temperature forcibly. At this time, we shall change large drying equipment. (2) As there is something wrong with design principle, manufacturers are recommended to replace or change drying equipment. (3) As raw material cannot be extracted, it results in ignition of dryer. We shall check equipment for its proper installation, air leakage or increase of wind pressure. (4) It is used improperly, and we shall strictly operate it according to operation manual. 
VII. Cylinder body of dryer is vibrated. If riding wheel of equipment and spots that connect base plate is broken, correcting and fixing it is enough. If flank of rolling ring is worn, turning or replacement should be conducted according to circumstance.
VIII. Drought-Wet degree of finished material after drying is non-uniform. If material is frozen into lumping, this situation will appear. Therefore, conglobate material shall be dispersed before drying.
IX Fuel of dryer is wasted seriously. As heating retaining property of equipment is not good enough, we shall add thermal insulation material to improve this situation.
X. One-off drying of moist material fails to meet production requirements. The possible reasons are that dryer is too small; dryer is used improperly and wind net, wind pressure and flow is counted wrongly. Manufacturer of dryer is required to recount wind pressure and flow, and then make a change according to the actual situation
These faults are common problems of dryer in its using process. If operator is unfamiliar with equipment in detail, we will be difficult to go closer to victory. Therefore, we suggest that your company shall make business training to technician to ensure that dryer can finish production operation smoothly.

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