The 1.83 × 9 m Ball Mill Ordered by Pakistani Customers is Delivered

The raw ore of Pakistan 800t / D copper mine project has a copper grade of 0.80%. After beneficiation by Hongke heavy industry, the concentrate has a yield of 3.45%, a copper grade of 20.78% and a copper recovery of 90.05%. In the grinding classification stage, wet lattice ball mill was used to grind the raw ore to - 200 mesh, accounting for 68.4%.

Project background

The ore mineral composition of the project is relatively simple, and the main metal minerals are chalcopyrite, pyrite, etc. The main nonmetallic minerals are quartz and chlorite. From the results of multi-element analysis, it can be seen that the recyclable element in the ore is copper. The grade of copper in raw ore is 0.80%.

Beneficiation process

Crushing and screening stage

Jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing and half crushing, cone crusher is used for fine crushing, and heavy circular vibrating screen is used for screening. The final particle size of crushed ore is - 12mm;

Grinding classification stage

Wet lattice ball mill is used for grinding operation, linear vibrating screen is used for pre classification and XC Ⅱ hydrocyclone group is used for control classification. The final grinding fineness was - 200 mesh, accounting for 68.0%;

Flotation stage

Lime is used as adjusting agent, z200 as collector, raw ore grinding to - 200 mesh accounts for 68.4%, XCF / KYF flotation machine is selected for roughing and two scavenging operations, BF flotation machine is selected for two cleaning operations. Finally, the grade of flotation copper concentrate is 20.00%, and the copper recovery is 90.00%.

Concentrate dewatering stage

The first stage dewatering operation adopts high-efficiency reformed thickener, and the second stage dewatering operation adopts a box filter press. Finally, the water content of copper concentrate filter cake is about 20%.

Project results

In the flotation stage, lime is used as regulator and z200 as collector. The raw ore is grinded to - 200 mesh, accounting for 68.4%. After one roughing, two scavenging and two refining, the concentrate with yield of 3.45%, copper grade of 20.78% and copper recovery of 90.05% can be obtained.