Analysis on the Future Development of Rotary Dryer

时间:2020-10-29 作者 :adminhk

People think that the traditional transportation tools can not meet the needs of travel, so they invented the car; people think that hand washing clothes is too troublesome, so they invented the washing machine; in order to make communication more convenient, they invented the telephone. So some people say that lazy people drive the progress of science and technology. However, the progress of science and technology needs to sacrifice the environment, and then compensate the environment by strengthening environmental protection. Dryer is also the same, in the operation need to take into account other auxiliary equipment, in order to meet the inherent inertia of human beings, automation, environmental protection will be the direction of future dryer development.

At present, there is a big gap between China's dryer equipment automation degree, function and other technical aspects with foreign countries. The core technology is mainly in the hands of the United States and Germany. We must train a group of advanced R & D personnel to improve the technical content of our country's dryer, otherwise, our dryer will face the possibility of reshuffle in the future. For example, after recognizing the development of the current situation, Hongke heavy industry has optimized the internal structure of the dryer by introducing foreign advanced technology, which has strengthened the cleaning and heat conduction function of the dispersed materials, thus eliminating the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder, making the machine more usable for materials, and optimizing the structure to improve the automation degree of the machine, Make it more widely used.

In the traditional production mode, only the output is considered, and the harm caused by environmental pollution is not considered. With the aggravation of haze in recent years, people's living environment has been threatened. People gradually realize that they can't get economic benefits at the cost of destroying the environment. The state also increased the control of this aspect, and the environmental protection dryer came into being. Traditional dryer dust pollution, and dust pollution is a direct threat to people's lives! In view of this situation, the new dryer of Hongke heavy industry strengthens the sealing system and configures perfect dust removal equipment to prevent dust overflow and purify the operating environment.

In the future, dryer equipment with energy saving, environmental protection and automation will usher in more opportunities. Hongke heavy industry is also willing to participate in the market competition and produce more mining equipment to meet the needs of customers.