Three Ways of Heat Conduction in Rotary Kiln

时间:2014-10-29 作者 :admin

Rotary kiln is a kind of kiln that we often use. It has a good performance of high temperature resistance. Everyone knows that there is a process of heat conduction when the kiln is used, and there is not only one way of heat conduction in the kiln. So, let's share the details of the three heat conduction modes of the equipment.

1. Convection is no stranger to us. In order to make the indoor air cleaner or to make the indoor air warmer in winter, the principle of convection will be used to transfer heat. The principle of convection is also used in the heat conduction process of rotary kiln. It is impossible for a solid to have convection. Only liquid or gas can have convection. So is convection a mysterious principle? When the product moves in the rotary kiln, there will be relative displacement, which also produces the transfer of raw material energy. Heat conduction also occurs during convection.

2. Diversion is another heat conduction process. There will be collision or other contact between raw materials during the operation of the equipment. These contacts will lead to the diffusion of molecules or atoms in the object. Of course, the molecules in the object are running at a high speed. Because of the diffusion of free electrons, all kinds of materials in rotary kiln have energy transfer phenomenon. This explanation also applies the relevant principles of electron movement in physics.

3. When it comes to the heat conduction function of rotary kiln, heat radiation is absolutely a function that cannot be ignored. Basically, it is also through electromagnetic wave to let energy spread between raw materials. In fact, there is not only a transfer of energy in the product, but also a conversion process. Specifically, the rotary kiln can transform the heat energy and radiation energy of the object into each other. It is not difficult to understand through these contents. In fact, the specific heat conduction mode of the equipment depends on the nature of the raw materials in the equipment.

There are three ways of heat conduction in rotary kiln, which are convection, diversion and radiation. Each method of heat conduction has its unique advantages, including the three kinds of heat conduction effects are very popular. Therefore, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each way and make a reasonable choice.