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What is the Sealing Structure of the Rotary Kiln?


Rotary kiln In many production industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc., rotary cylindrical equipment is widely used for mechanical, physical or chemical treatment of solid materials. Such equipment is called rotary kiln. And it has a very special sealing structure, let's take a look.

     (1) There is also an optimized design for the outlet direction of the secondary and tertiary lamps of the rotary kiln, which can strongly disturb the concentration distribution of volatiles in the rotary kiln, which is beneficial to speed up the mixing speed of volatiles and air, thereby accelerating the rate of volatiles. Combustion. A layer of heat insulation layer is added between the metal pipe of the secondary and tertiary air ducts and the castable to reduce the heat transfer between the castable and the metal pipe, and to improve the service life of the secondary and tertiary air ducts.

(2) After a long-term analysis of the optimal design of the rotary kiln equipment, we learned that in the design of the rotary kiln equipment, a new type of kiln head and kiln tail sealing technology is used, and a heavy hammer tensioning diameter is used. A new type of sealing structure that combines the contact graphite block seal and the axial labyrinth seal. This sealing structure can minimize the amount of cold air entering the kiln head and kiln tail, thereby reducing the carbonaceous burning loss of petroleum coke. The optimization of the lining design of the rotary kiln can reduce the heat dissipation loss of the kiln skin. The optimization of the kiln tail structure of the rotary kiln can enhance the preheating capacity and reduce the carbonaceous burning loss. At the same time, due to the expansion of the diameter of the rotary kiln preheater, The flue gas flow rate at the sealing ring at the kiln tail of the rotary kiln is reduced, and the amount of powder entering the combustion chamber with the flue gas is reduced, so that the actual yield of the rotary kiln can be improved.

(3) The enhanced control of the rotary kiln equipment, the increase of the rotational speed and the increase of the production capacity, that is, the increase of the chain control loop of the process operation, can make the whole calcination process operation process change from manual manual adjustment to automatic control. Adjustment is supplemented to avoid the disadvantage of large deviation of manual adjustment. In this way, the rotation speed of the rotary kiln can be greatly improved under the premise that other variables of the rotary kiln are stable and the quality of the calcined coke is guaranteed.

The company will send engineers and technicians to the user site for free to plan the site, design process and scheme for the user, help the customer to select the equipment model, and design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of the customer. For details, please consult the company telephone.

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