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Precautions Before Starting the Lime Kiln


As the main equipment for calcining lime, lime kiln is widely used in steel industry, alumina industry, calcium carbide industry and refractory material industry due to its energy saving, environmental protection and high degree of automation. Since the lime kiln itself is also a kind of equipment that consumes a lot of resources, in order to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the instructions whether it is starting up or running the test machine, so what should be paid attention to when the lime kiln is started up Woolen cloth?

Hongke Heavy Industry reminds everyone that before starting the lime kiln operation, you must be familiar with the following points:

1. Before running, add lubricating oil to the bearing, reducer and roller, check whether the fasteners are loose and there are no obstacles in the running part.

2. Test the empty car to run, observe the current size, if it is normal, it can be loaded and put into production;

3. When the lime kiln is loaded and running, the flexible rotation of the traction chain and the roller should be checked to see if there is any deviation;

4. Whether the amount of lubricating oil at the lubrication point is sufficient, when problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

5. Always pay attention to the current fluctuation of the lime rotary kiln motor. If the fluctuation range is large, you should go to the site to find out the reason.

6. There are many reasons for the self-stop of the lime kiln, which may be electrical failure and material stuck. It must not be driven rashly or repeatedly before the cause is identified to prevent accidents.

7. Regularly check the tooth profile of the lime kiln sprocket, the wear degree of the edge of the roller and the upper and lower rails. If the wear is serious, new parts should be replaced.

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