Analysis of the Advantages of Hongke Lime Rotary Kiln

时间:2014-06-24 作者 :admin

1. Good sealing performance

Hongke lime rotary kiln is equipped with reliable sealing devices at the inlet and outlet of the cylinder, which can effectively prevent cold air from entering and dust from overflowing the cylinder.

2. Flexible speed

The ring gear design of the rotary device of Hongke lime rotary kiln is reasonable, flexible and controllable. The cylinder can rotate at the speed required by the customer, and the operation of the customer is convenient.

3. Convenient installation and maintenance

Reasonable structure design can make the cylinder rotate at a very low speed, and it is equipped with auxiliary transmission device, which is convenient for later installation and maintenance of customers.

4. High yield and environmental protection

Hongke lime rotary kiln has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high output, which can meet the needs of customers' modern environmental protection production and guarantee its output.