A New Generation of Perlite Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-04-13 作者 :adminhk

The perlite rotary kiln is a new generation of perlite expansion equipment developed by professional and technical personnel through repeated tests and bold innovation on the basis of advanced European design concept and practical production experience in China

Perlite expansion furnace is used to produce high-quality closed cell perlite vitrified micro beads. As a new type of heat preservation and heat insulation material widely used in the world, the product has high strength, strong thermal insulation and low water absorption. In the aspect of building wall heat preservation and energy saving, it is the main material for the production of thermal insulation mortar. It is widely used in the internal and external wall insulation, beverage and beer In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as filter ceramics and filter aids. In the chemical industry and furnace manufacturing industry, it can be used as thermal pipe insulation, furnace insulation products, thermal insulation products, etc.

Perlite rotary kiln is specially used to produce closed hole perlite and hollow perlite vitrified micro beads. Six microcomputers are used to automatically control the process of ore softening, instant vaporization of crystal water, hollow ball size, shell vitrification and dissolution, sealing and water prevention, and glass shell hardening process curve, so as to ensure the unmanned management and automation of the vitrification process For many years, 80% of closed cell perlite used for wall insulation mortar in China is produced by perlite expansion electric furnace manufactured by our company.

Perlite rotary kiln is the equipment produced by advanced technology, and its working performance is very superior. Therefore, we should master the basic knowledge of some equipment before use, so as to facilitate the later operation of the equipment!