Abnormal Analysis of Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln Motor

时间:2021-12-15 作者 :超级管理员

Generally, the overall mechanism of zinc oxide rotary kiln with electric energy as the main executive unit can reasonably debug the electric quantity of the motor through two different controls to better meet the calcination requirements of the whole equipment. The main abnormalities can be divided into two aspects: electrical abnormalities on the one hand and mechanical abnormalities on the other, The most common problem of this mechanical abnormality is the problem of the control module. Next, Goode briefly analyzes the abnormality of the zinc oxide rotary kiln motor.

The main control of the whole zinc oxide rotary kiln is shown in the three systems of main control, position generator and power supply. Generally speaking, abnormalities in position generator and power supply are easy to detect. You can directly use the instrument to measure and check whether the signal and parameters are in normal state, but it is very cumbersome compared with the detection of main control, The standby system needs to be used, or it can also be tested on the equipment in normal operation. Its own damage probability is small. The common is that the link line is disconnected or loosened due to abnormal vibration during initial installation or operation. Therefore, the whole main control system is abnormal. Compared with the local generator system, the voltage is strong or relatively weak, Any abnormality will lead to the failure of the whole control system. Therefore, it is suggested that users should be careful when installing the rotary kiln to ensure that each part can be installed reasonably.