Advantages of Using Gas Fuel in Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-08 作者 :adminhk

1. The process design is simpler: using natural gas as fuel completely, compared with coal as fuel, coal mill design can save capital construction investment; compared with using heavy oil as fuel, it saves storage system and heating and transportation system of heavy oil.

2. The production cost is more economical: using natural gas as fuel saves the transportation link and directly adopts pipeline transportation, which greatly reduces the transportation cost.

3. More stable production: the main component of natural gas is CH4, and there are few other impurities.

4. Green environmental protection: first of all, the natural gas transportation does not pollute the natural environment as much as raw coal and crude oil. Secondly, natural gas mainly produces CO2 and water after combustion, and will not produce harmful components such as sulfide and chloride.