Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Sand Making Machine

时间:2021-01-13 作者 :adminhk

When many customers buy an impact sand making machine, they may feel that many manufacturers recommend sand making machines of this type. Is this kind of sand making machine easy to use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the impact sand making machine? I want to know These can rest assured to buy sand making machine. Impact sand making machine, also known as vertical sand making machine, is a common machine-made sand production equipment in all kinds of sand and gravel production lines. Due to the excellent production characteristics of this machine, professional machine-made sand processing can be carried out during operation. , It can also optimize the size of the stone material, one machine with multiple functions, flexible operation, and has a huge user group. However, in actual applications, most users have reported some problems with impact sand making machines, such as severe heating in the bearing chamber, rapid wear of the machine's wearing parts, and vibration of the machine body during production. This shows that each type of sand making machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although the impact type sand making machine is a star product in the sand making industry, it also has disadvantages. However, if you use the right equipment and learn the operating points, these The shortcomings will be greatly reduced and become a negligible factor. Here is a brief discussion on the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the impact sand making machine, and the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of the vertical impact sand making machine.

Advantages of percussion sand making machine

  A, the sand making ratio is large. The sand making ratio of the impact sand making machine can reach more than 50, but it is difficult for the jaw crusher to exceed 20. Therefore, in occasions where a single-stage sand making is required, such as limestone sand making in the cement industry, sand making plants with pebbles and other hard stones, the usage rate of impact sand making machines is very high and relatively common.

   B, the product particles are good. Under the action of impact, the material to be sand is often broken along its most fragile layer. This selective sand production method has a higher probability that the particles are in the shape of a cube and can produce sand that meets the specifications of machine-made sand. The percentage content of needle-shaped sand making machine products can be less than 10%, and the percentage content of needle-shaped products will be higher than 15%, so in the occasions where cube particles are needed. For example, the non-slip pavement of high-grade highways usually uses sand making machines as final breaking equipment to produce concrete aggregates.

   Disadvantages of impact sand making machine

   But the working principle of these two sand making machines also has certain defects. Because the impact sand making machine uses the principle of impact to make sand materials, its striking parts, such as hammer heads and blowback plates, wear very quickly during use. This defect will limit the scope of application for a long period of time. It can only be used for sand making of medium-hard materials. However, with the replacement of wear parts, and some manufacturers are willing to cost to improve the quality of wear parts, this shortcoming has been reduced a lot, and even compared to other sand making machines, it has become a relatively leading aspect. However, there is another disadvantage that the impact sand making machine requires a lot of kinetic energy to operate, and it requires dual motors to drive, which consumes electricity. This is also a shortcoming of the impact sand making machine. Compared with the single-motor drive of the digital control sand machine, it is normal that the double-motor consumes more power.

   The above is about the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the impact sand making machine, the main aspects of the advantages and disadvantages of the vertical impact sand making machine. If you have a better experience or understanding, you can call us or leave a message.