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Analysis of Furnace Temperature Control Principle of Electric Heating Pit Furnace


Automatic control system is widely used in various fields, especially in the industrial field. The temperature control system is mainly composed of temperature sensor, temperature regulator, executive device and controlled object. How to control the temperature of electric heating pit furnace? Let's talk about it

According to the deviation of furnace temperature to the given temperature, the electric heating pit furnace can automatically switch on or off the heat source energy supplied to the furnace, or continuously change the heat source energy, so as to stabilize the furnace temperature and have a given temperature range, so as to meet the needs of heat treatment process. There are two position, three position, proportional integral and proportional integral differential.

The temperature control of electric heating pit furnace is such a feedback regulation process. Comparing with the actual furnace temperature, the furnace temperature needs to get deviation. Through the processing of the deviation, the control signal is obtained to adjust the thermal power of the resistance furnace, so as to realize the control of the furnace temperature. According to the proportion, integral and differential of the deviation, it is the most widely used control form in the process control.

After understanding the principle, the furnace temperature of electric heating pit furnace can be better operated. At ordinary times, pay attention to observe whether the operation is normal, do a good job of prevention, and ensure the smooth production.

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