Analysis of the Huge Effect of Waste on Cement Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-25 作者 :adminhk

Today's social pollution is serious, and the change of weather requires us to maintain the environment and maximize the use of resources. In fact, waste is just the dregs in the wrong place. We use it to demand its own advantages.

With the development of modern industry, a lot of wastes have been produced, including industrial wastes, urban wastes and various kinds of sludge. If these wastes are not stacked and disposed, they will not only occupy a large amount of soil and air, but also cause great harm to the environment. If these wastes are stopped to be disposed by cement rotary kiln, these problems will not only be prevented, but also bring great profits to enterprises.

According to the different properties of waste materials, the application of waste materials in the operation process of cement rotary kiln can be divided into the following ways:

1. Raw materials, some wastes have good properties, can be used as raw materials, such as fly ash, steel slag, etc.

2. Fuel, waste heat value is high, can be used as fuel, this has waste tires, waste plastics and waste oil.

3. In addition, waste materials are mixed into clinker to make cement.

The waste can be used in different processes of cement rotary kiln according to its different uses, so as to maximize its role and prevent secondary pollution.

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