Analysis on Explosion Proof Measures of Rotary Kiln

时间:2014-12-10 作者 :admin

Rotary kiln burning energy in safe and high temperature can bring great convenience to our life, but it also has certain danger. Its explosion-proof measures are particularly important for our personal safety, so we need to take explosion-proof measures for kiln equipment. So, here is a detailed explanation for you. Let's have a look.

1. The equipment and pipeline shall be equipped with complete explosion-proof system composed of control devices and detection instruments, mainly including: air pressure, temperature, flow rate and instruments at the inlet of rotary kiln, gas pressure and humidity instruments at the outlet, high and low pressure gas alarm devices; light signal, automatic coal feeder, ash extractor contact device, pressurizer, blower interlock device and sound light alarm device; Dynamic detection and alarm device for combustible and explosive gas to prevent gas leakage and explosion; explosion proof membrane shall be installed in kiln air main pipe, dust removal system, cooling equipment and gas semi clean pipe, distribution main pipe, etc., and the front and rear parts of gas system shall be equipped with anti reverse water seal to prevent the main pipe coal gas from returning during shutdown.

2. During the operation of the rotary kiln, the interlock setting of the alarm instrument shall be debugged, the pressure value of the alarm and interlock action shall be adjusted, whether the interlock valve switches are correct shall be tested individually, and then several comprehensive interlocking tests shall be carried out; the oxygen content analysis shall be carried out before the gas grid connection, and the oxygen content shall be less than 1%; In the process of production, special attention should be paid to the temperature and pressure changes of gas and air. If it is found that it does not meet the process indicators, it should be handled in time.

3. During the maintenance and hot work, it is necessary to cut off the gas source reliably, purge and replace the gas inside the gas facilities, open the upper and lower inlet holes, vent pipes, etc.; take air samples for carbon monoxide content analysis, and confirm that no explosive gas mixture will be formed in the whole process of hot work. In case of fire fighting, stop the gas first, and conduct the analysis in the furnace after it is qualified , and re ignition.

The above is the introduction of explosion-proof measures for rotary kilns. Based on the contents of the paper, you can generally understand how the explosion-proof measures for this kind of equipment are, mainly divided into three aspects. The products of kiln combustion transfer heat to products in the form of convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the explosion-proof measures and work safely in the production process.