Calculation Basis of Gas Flow in Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-12 作者 :adminhk

The air velocity and flow rate of rotary kiln affect the convective heat transfer coefficient and temperature uniformity in the furnace, and the air flow pressure is the driving force of air circulation. So we have to calculate the gas flow very well. The following is the detailed explanation of the calculation basis of the gas flow in the equipment. Let's understand it together.

1. The convection heat transfer coefficient is determined according to the requirements of the furnace load, heating temperature and time.

2. According to the requirements of temperature uniformity of rotary kiln, whether the calculated gas flow meets the requirements is calculated.

3. The gas flow is calculated according to the gas velocity and furnace cross-section area.

4. Then, the required air velocity can be obtained from the convective heat transfer coefficient formula.

When the convective heat transfer of rotary kiln accounts for a high percentage of the total heat transfer, it can be approximately considered that the convective heat transfer coefficient is equal to the comprehensive heat transfer coefficient. If you are interested in this knowledge, you can have a general understanding. I hope today's knowledge will help you.