Causes and Countermeasures of Coke Brick in Limonite Rotary Kiln

时间:2019-06-18 作者 :adminhk

1、 In the long-term operation of limonite rotary kiln, the appearance of coke brick will appear. The reasons for coke brick in limonite rotary kiln are as follows:

1. When the bricks are burned in the kiln, the air passing through the middle of the stack is short, the kiln workers are not careful about the fire, the firing belt is elongated, the fire is too large, and the green body softens at high temperature;

2. The amount of fuel in the kiln is too large;

3. The improper use of air brake, too large pumping force, makes the combustion intensity of internal fuel too high, and the temperature in the kiln exceeds the allowable firing temperature of the green body;

4. The way of stack is unreasonable, and the share of upper and lower coal is not appropriate.

2、 Disposal method for coke brick from limonite rotary kiln:

When it is found that the fire in the pre tropical zone tends to develop into a fire, it is necessary to extract high-temperature gas from the rear of the pre tropical zone in advance. When the sign of big fire is obvious, the waste heat brake of the burning zone can also be raised to set fire to cool down in advance. Control fire speed. Whether there is a waste heat utilization system or not, reducing the height of each air lock and delaying the walking speed are conducive to the fire control. When the burning zone has a big fire, the waste heat brake before and after the fire can be lifted up to loosen the firepower. If you lift the waste heat gate at the fire, not only can't loose the fire power, but it will make the firepower gather and form over burning. When the bottom fire of the firing zone is large, the remote gate and the near gate should be lowered first. Besides the waste heat gate, the air inlet should be increased to speed up the cooling. In addition, you can carefully and gradually lift the heat preservation belt of the HA air brake, the bottom of the high-temperature air out.