Causes and Preventive Measures of Overload of Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-05-18 作者 :adminhk

Rotary kiln is a kind of industrial equipment, which has been praised by manufacturers in many industrial fields. However, in the long-term use of this kind of equipment, if we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment and the standard operation specification, it will cause the overload of the equipment and other problems. The following article will give you a detailed account of the causes of overloading of this kind of equipment, as well as the preventive measures for this phenomenon. Let's understand it together.

The outlet of rotary kiln is blocked and the milled material can not be discharged. With the increase of feed, overload phenomenon occurs. The overload is mainly due to the feeding capacity of ore feeder is too large, which exceeds the operation capacity of kiln body itself.

To prevent the overload of rotary kiln, we should pay attention to two aspects and one listen: to see whether the feeding end of kiln body can not enter. Look at the current change of the current control cabinet of the rotary kiln. If it becomes smaller, stop the machine immediately to check whether it is overloaded. Listen to the sound of the whole equipment during operation. If it is very stuffy, it means that there are too many materials.

In the future operation and use of rotary kiln, we should pay attention to understand the operation specification of the equipment and the matters needing attention in the operation of the equipment, so as to avoid the phenomenon of overload and excessive load of the equipment, so as to avoid affecting the use of the equipment and affecting the service life of the equipment.