Causes of Overheating of Coal Slime Dryer Materials

时间:2020-08-01 作者 :adminhk

1. The air velocity in the drying room is too low, and the outside fog drops are dried first when the fog group is drying. Because the initial velocity of the fog group is much higher than the gas velocity, the dry powder enters the high temperature zone after the up-swirl flow is generated, and this part of the product undergoes deterioration after being subjected to high temperature.

2. The exhaust temperature is too high. Many rotary drying products are entrained with the exhaust gas before being separated. Therefore, the temperature of the exhaust gas directly affects the temperature of the product. There is a relative temperature difference between the two. Generally, the temperature of the exhaust gas is 10~30℃ higher than the product temperature. about. If the exhaust gas temperature is high, the product temperature will inevitably be high. If the heat resistance temperature of the product is exceeded, the product will overheat and deteriorate.