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Causes of Various Problems in Slime Dryer


Causes of various problems in slime dryer

1. Short life of internal wearing parts.

Reason: Poor selection of internal materials and cutting corners will lead to easier parts damage and shorter service life.

2. The degree of dryness and wetness of the material is uneven, and the rod system cannot perform normal work.

Reason: ①Improper operation of the dryer.

     ②The raw materials form a mass.

3. After the dryer manufacturer has dried the material, the moisture contained in it must exceed the required specified value.

Reason: Feeding according to the production capacity, and the matching heat is not enough.

Remedy: increase the temperature of the furnace and reduce the number of feeds.

4. The final moisture content of the material after drying by the dryer is less than the specified value.

Reason: too much heat supply, or too little wet material feed.

Solution: Strengthen the feed quantity of wet materials and reduce the quantity of oil, gas or coal supply.

5. The lower sliding material bowl and the air inlet pipe are easy to block.

Reason: The matching furnace type is not suitable. You can use a high-temperature boiling furnace to change the air inlet method.

6. During use, the upper sliding bowl of the mine dryer is prone to blockage.

Reason: ①High initial moisture

     ②Material is highly viscous

     ③The arrangement of the secondary air duct is unreasonable.

7. The separator is too small.

Solution: Replace or modify the separator.

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