Cement Rotary Kiln Rationally Diverts Sewage to Improve Utilization Efficiency

时间:2021-10-26 作者 :超级管理员

Cement rotary kilns rationally divert sewage to improve utilization efficiency. The composition of sewage treated by sewage treatment plants is complex and unstable. At present, there are still some sewage with high pollution and high content of harmful substances, including sewage from some special industries. This leads to an increase in the burden of the sewage treatment plant and reduces the quality of purified water; most of the harmful substances enter the sludge, which makes the disposal and utilization of the sludge more difficult, and limits the amount of sludge disposal and utilization.

    If after using the cement rotary kiln, the sewage discharge and treatment are appropriately and reasonably divided, and the small amount of high-polluting, high-hazardous sewage is divided and treated independently, which will inevitably greatly improve the quality of the purified water of the sludge treatment plant. Improve the utilization efficiency of sewage and sewage treatment plants. Correspondingly, the generated sludge will also stabilize the composition, and reduce the content of harmful substances, the possibility of treatment, disposal and utilization, and the quantity of treatment, disposal and utilization will be greatly increased.

    Even if the sludge produced by sewage treatment with high pollution and high content of harmful substances can be treated by cement rotary kiln, the flow is reasonably divided, the quantity is greatly reduced, and the composition is more stable. Of course, the appropriate treatment method can be selected in a targeted manner. , More effective and economical treatment is completed.