Control of Bulk Material Phenomena in Chemical Rotary Kiln

时间:2016-11-18 作者 :adminhk

When we use chemical rotary kiln, the viscosity of liquid phase will decrease if the temperature is too high. In order to prevent this phenomenon from affecting the use of kilns, we need to take corresponding control measures.

The use of kiln calcination needs to be cautious, to stabilize the secondary air temperature of the chemical kiln, and try to keep it at a low level. At the same time, the technical personnel should be informed to adjust the ingredients. After all the work has been adjusted and improved, the normal operation of the furnace can be resumed. Sometimes we can adjust the internal and external air to control the calcination of rotary kiln equipment. It is worth noting that in the process of calcining materials in the past, the first coal was added because of the lack of liquid phase due to flying sand. Later, it was found that the judgment was wrong. This example can be used as a warning to remind everyone to pay attention.

In the calcination of most chemical rotary kiln equipment, with the increase of P value, in order to avoid the appearance of sticky material phenomenon, only a few parameters of clinker need to be reasonably controlled, which can promote the adaptation of cement and additives to the kiln, the system can run smoothly, and the quality and output of clinker will be better.

Therefore, it is very necessary to control the phenomenon of sticky and loose materials in chemical rotary kiln. When we find that the phenomenon of sticky and loose materials will occur, we need to reduce the kiln running speed and take corresponding measures to make the kiln return to normal as soon as possible.