Do You Know the Sealing Method of Rotary Kiln?

时间:2016-04-18 作者 :adminhk

With the rapid development of today's society, rotary kiln has been widely used in various industries, its field involves more, especially in the chemical industry, so the operation method of kiln needs to be mastered skillfully. As a kind of chemical equipment, sealing is an important step in the use of the kiln. What are the sealing methods of the kiln? Let's take a look.

1. Fish scale seal: the fish scale seal is the mainstream sealing form at present. Because of its simple installation and maintenance and good sealing performance, it can be used for both kiln head seal and kiln tail seal. It is also widely used in dryer and single drum cooler, and is a common sealing form. Taking cement industry as an example, fish scale seal is used in kiln head seal, and fish scale seal is used in chemical rotary kiln tail seal. Other industries such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries use the scale seal.

2. Cylinder type seal: the cylinder type seal is mainly used for kiln tail seal of powder materials. It is generally used in cement industry. Due to the troublesome maintenance in the later stage and the certain requirements for external equipment, many kiln tail seals with cylinder seal are transformed into fish scale seal.

3. Graphite block seal: the graphite block seal can be used for both the kiln end seal and the kiln head seal of chemical rotary kiln. The old graphite block seal adopts the axial sealing mode, which is the same as the cylinder seal. Due to its defects, there are few units currently used. The new graphite block seal with radial seal will be the future development direction.

4. Labyrinth seal: labyrinth seal is a labyrinth form composed of many annular baffles with different diameters. Due to its high requirements for chemical rotary kiln, it is not widely used. However, the combination of labyrinth seal and fish scale seal and graphite block seal is still applied in some enterprises.

5. Baffle seal: baffle seal is an earlier sealing form, which is similar to cylinder seal. It is radial seal and adopts baffle seal gap. The difference is that baffle seal generally adopts hammer or spring support, cylinder seal adopts cylinder seat support, and baffle seal has been basically eliminated.

The above is about the sealing mode of rotary kiln. Through the comparison of several sealing methods, we know that the sealing method of fish scale is a more commonly used method in today's industry. When we choose, we should also consider according to our own actual situation. The proper sealing method is very important, which determines the normal operation of the equipment and the quality of the product.