Drilling and Riveting of Tension Spring Plate for Gear Ring of Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-27 作者 :adminhk

Our company is a professional manufacturer of rotary kiln, especially in-depth discussion on ceramsite sand rotary kiln, ceramsite sand equipment and ceramsite sand technology. We have many years of experience in the development and manufacture of rotary kiln equipment, installation and construction experience and skill accumulation, and supply one-stop treatment plan. This article introduces the drilling and riveting of tension spring plate of gear ring of rotary kiln equipment.

Drilling: find out the middle of the hole according to the scale requirements of the drawing, make a good example, mark the hole in the rotary kiln, drill according to the required hole size, and expand the hole to the final size. In order to ensure the solid contact between the tension spring plate and the kiln body of rotary kiln equipment, the contact surface between the tension spring plate and the cylinder body shall be sorted out after drilling, and rivets shall be riveted.


·Prepare riveting tools and materials such as riveting gun, rivet, furnace and pressure fan.

·The rivet length shall be calculated according to the rivet diameter and riveting plate thickness required by the drawing.

·Rivet orientation should be in accordance with the order, and rivet gun should be used to top the nail. If it is not suitable, press the nail with a pressing handle. The size of the handle is determined by itself.

·When riveting, pay attention to the heating temperature of rivets up to 1100 ~ 1200 ℃.

·During riveting, the rivets should be placed in the right position, and the personnel in the table of rotary kiln equipment should cooperate well. There should be division of labor for nail burning, fire watching, nail passing, rivet, top nail and cutting nail, and each process should be compact. Riveting quality should be tight, not loose, not inclined, no scratch, beautiful, etc.

·Riveting quality inspection method, according to experience can be one to see two senses three listen. Take a look: that is to see whether the appearance scale and shape of nails meet the requirements. Second sense: knock the nail head quietly with a 0.22kg hammer. If the finger can feel the movement, it is necessary to re rivet. Third listen: the sound of knocking and sanding indicates that the riveting is not tight and should be riveted again.

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