Dust Cleaning Method of Rotary Kiln

时间:2016-07-21 作者 :adminhk

We all know that the working environment of rotary kiln is relatively bad, and it will produce dust and sundries when it is calcined. In order to ensure the better operation of the equipment, we need to clean the dust. According to the structure of the equipment, we have developed two sets of dust removal methods, viz. Vibrating ash cleaning method and acoustic wave dust cleaning method. For users to choose:

1、 Vibration and dust cleaning method

Mechanical vibration ash cleaning and electromagnetic vibration dust cleaning are the main methods. Vibration dust cleaning method has been successfully applied in the rotary kiln project of Tianshan, Xinjiang, and is widely used in the low temperature section of tube bundle diaphragm structure. The furnace tube bundle of this project has stronger integrity and better ash cleaning effect.

There are some problems in the method

1. The rapping period cannot be adjusted at will.

2. For a long time, the kiln chain will break and the hammer will fall off.

3. The flue dust in rotary kiln has high alkali content and strong corrosivity, and the structure of kiln is easy to be damaged by vibration cleaning for a long time.

4. The intermittent power supply of electromagnetic vibration ash cleaning method is easy to cause coil heating and burning.

2、 Acoustic ash cleaning method

1. Working principle:

The gas acoustic conversion device converts the energy carried by compressed air and high-pressure steam into high-intensity sound energy,? When it is transported to the surface of ash cleaning, acoustic cleaning, hydraulic cleaning and rapping are both physical mechanisms, but the energy comes from acoustic wave.

2. System composition:

The system consists of acoustic generator, acoustic tube and electrical control system.

3. The advantages of acoustic ash cleaning method for rotary kiln are as follows:

(1) Easy to install, easy to operate and maintain.

(2) It can be used at 200-1200 ℃.

(3) Acoustic cleaning is carried out 360 ° without dead angle.

(4) Compared with the vibration dust cleaning method, it has no damage, corrosion, abrasion and other damage to other products in the kiln.

(5) The acoustic ash cleaning method is fully automatic and has a long service life.

In general, we usually use vibration and sound wave to clean the dust of rotary kiln. We can find that these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the scope of application is also different. Therefore, when we choose to use the ash cleaning method, we should also choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the actual situation such as the structure of our products.