Eight Technical Features of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Type Activated Lime Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-11-02 作者 :adminhk

(1) A vertical preheater is installed at the kiln tail, so that the waste heat of flue gas at the kiln tail is directly transferred to limestone, and the flue gas temperature can be reduced to below 280 ℃, which can effectively recover the heat carried away by the tail gas discharge, and reduce the load for subsequent dust removal.

(2) The length diameter ratio of rotary kiln is reduced from 20-25 to 14-15. The shortening of the length not only reduces the heat lost from the surface of the rotary kiln to the surrounding area, but also reduces the occupied area of the equipment.

(3) The shaft cooler is used to replace the original cooling cylinder in the kiln head discharge cooling, so as to avoid the sensible heat loss of lime. The hot lime falling from the kiln head is cooled by exchanging heat with the secondary air. The air absorbs the heat and enters the rotary kiln to support combustion after the temperature rises.

(4) The cooler and kiln head cover adopt integrated vertical design, which occupies less space and has good sealing performance, which avoids the unorganized emission of hot waste gas.

(5) Combustion supporting air is divided into primary air and secondary air. The primary air is directly involved in combustion, and the secondary air is cooling air. The primary air and secondary air are respectively supplied by separate fans. The design of the secondary air temperature can be up to 600 ℃ as combustion supporting air, which provides favorable conditions for fuel saving.

(6) The special combustion system is used to supply heat to the rotary kiln. In addition to using pulverized coal as fuel, low calorific value gas (such as producer gas, calcium carbide tail gas and semi coke gas) can be used as calcination fuel, or multiple fuels can be used simultaneously. The calcination temperature can be adjusted by adjusting the air and gas flow.

(7) Environmental protection measures are perfect. Pulse bag filter is used for dust removal of calcined tail gas, which meets the national emission standard. The bag filter is also used in the drop point of the vertical cooler.

(8) High level of automation. The adjustment, control and alarm of the production operation of the calcination system equipment are centralized controlled by PLC in the main control room. The screen display of each control point and the necessary interlocking monitoring are set. The operation parameters used in the production process are recorded automatically and can be printed at any time.