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Factors Affecting the Price of Small Rotary Kiln


There are many kinds of rotary kilns, such as cement type and small type, among which the small type is favored by the majority of users because of its small volume, light weight and suitable production capacity, so what factors affect its price?

1. Quality

The quality directly determines the price. The cost of materials, technology and labor for high-quality equipment is higher, and the price is naturally more expensive;

2. Model

There are many types of small rotary kilns, such as Φ 2.5 × 40, Φ 2.5 × 50, Φ 2.5 × 54, etc. with different machine weight and output, the price will increase with the increase of specifications and production capacity.

3. Changes in economic market

In recent years, the domestic economic level has been constantly improving, and the prices and wages of workers are also rising, so the cost of production equipment is also increasing, and its price will naturally rise year by year.

We understand that the price of small rotary kiln is mainly affected by its quality, model and changes in the economic market. We hope that users should take a comprehensive consideration when purchasing and purchase products with high cost performance.

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