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Factors Affecting the Quality of Rotary Kiln


Rotary kiln plays an important role in many industries, especially in cement industry. But in the process of calcination, if the control factors are not well grasped, the quality of calcination will be affected.

1. One of the factors that affect the calcination quality of rotary kiln is temperature. Generally, the temperature of calcination zone should be controlled at 1250-1300 ℃.

2. In addition, the main factor affecting the calcination temperature is the combination of fuel and air. The size of negative pressure. The amount of feed and the speed of material movement. The moving speed of materials in the kiln has a great influence on the calcination quality and production capacity of the electric rotary kiln.

3. The moving speed of calcined materials in the rotary kiln is too fast, the materials stay in the kiln for a short time, so they can not be fully heated, and the calcination quality is poor; if the moving speed is too slow, the calcination loss will increase, the production capacity of the equipment will be reduced, and the moving speed of materials and the inclination of kiln body will be reduced. Inner diameter of kiln body. Rotary speed of kiln body. The cross section of the material layer in the kiln is related to the central angle in the middle of the kiln.

There are many factors affecting the calcination quality of rotary kiln. If we want to improve the production quality, we should pay more attention to the control and grasp of the above factors.

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