Fault Analysis of Rotary Kiln Motor Control Module

时间:2021-12-17 作者 :超级管理员

The rotary kiln actuator with electric energy as the execution unit can adjust the electric quantity through various control components to meet the operation requirements of the equipment. The fault is divided into two parts, one is electrical fault, the other is mechanical fault, and the more common mechanical fault is the fault of control module. Now let's talk about the fault analysis.

The main control function of rotary kiln is reflected in the three modules of main control, position generator and power supply. The fault detection of the two modules of bit generator and power supply is very easy. Use the instrument to measure the following to see whether the signals and parameters are correct. The detection of the main control module is slightly more complex. The standby module or normal equipment should be used for detection. In fact, the probability of module damage is small. It is often seen that the wiring is disconnected and loose caused by the initial installation or vibration during operation, which leads to module failure. For example, if the voltage of the bit generator module is strong or weak, once there is a fault, it will make an error and control failure. Therefore, the rotary kiln must be carefully installed and operated to ensure the correct installation.