Fault Characteristics of Lubrication System of Cement Calcination Equipment

时间:2018-06-08 作者 :adminhk

Fault characteristics of smooth system of cement calcining equipment

(1) In the smooth system of cement calcining equipment, the proportion of smooth defects or defects caused by smoothness is quite large, which is determined by its own characteristics and consumption conditions. Cement calcining equipment is mostly operated in high dust and high temperature environment. It has load, low speed, continuous consumption, rapid wear, large impact vibration and large load change.

(2) Cement calcining equipment, ranging from gear ring and supporting wheel of rotary kiln to idler bearing in delivery machine, has great differences in structure and working conditions, and has different requirements for smooth system maintenance. It is difficult to do a good job in sealing smooth parts. Smooth defects can not be prevented and will increase, and will become the hidden danger and source of other faults and accidents.

(3) Cement calcining equipment has many problems related to smoothness, and the common ways are as follows:

① It can not rotate or start under normal working conditions. The main reason is that the friction parts are seriously damaged due to poor smoothness, or foreign matters such as foreign dust and foreign matters enter the gap of friction parts due to poor sealing, forming wear and locking of relevant parts.

② Operation is not sensitive, uneven, can not reach the requested speed, or due to unstable work, power consumption. The main reason is the improper assembly and adjustment of the friction parts; the friction increases when the gap is too small, and it is difficult to choose the smoothing agent or smoothing method when the clearance is too large; the filtering failure and poor management of the smoothing agent cause serious friction and wear at the friction parts and hinder the operation of the machine parts.

③ Abnormal vibration and noise during operation are caused by internal parts damage or poor smoothness.

④ Blockage of oil circuit, small quantity of oil supply, unclean oil quality and improper use of oil are the four main factors causing the problems of forced smooth system such as rotary kiln. The blockage of the oil way is caused by the stop of the hydraulic pump, the closing of the oil inlet valve, the fracture of the oil pipe and the blockage of the oil inlet hole. It is directly related to assembly, maintenance, operation, self-care and management. Small oil supply will speed up the oil transformation, increase energy consumption and shorten the maintenance distance. The harm of dirty oil is great, mainly due to poor sealing and improper maintenance, so that dust and foreign matters enter the smooth oil. In addition, the wear debris generated by the friction reaction in the relative movement will also precipitate into the smooth oil, and the important reason for the formation of dirty oil is that the oil is not changed on time or the oil is not filtered properly.