Fuel Saving Factors of Ceramsite Sand Rotary Kiln

时间:2021-12-23 作者 :超级管理员

In order to save fuel and strengthen heat insulation, the ceramsite rotary kiln can also cover a layer of 50mm thick expanded perlite on the top of the ceramsite rotary kiln. When the furnace temperature is 1300 ℃, the surface temperature of the furnace top is 100 ℃, and the heat dissipation loss is 4180kj / m2h, which is 50% less than that of the traditional ceramsite sand rotary kiln, and the metal hanger will not be buried in the insulation layer.

In the furnace of ceramsite sand rotary kiln, because the pressure along the height and length of the furnace is not high, there has always been a pressure difference of several millimeters of water column in the furnace surface, which will overflow high-temperature flue gas or inhale cool air through the furnace door, hole and gap, and reduce the thermal efficiency of the furnace. Inhale cold air to reduce furnace temperature, weaken furnace heat transfer, and add flue gas to take away heat; The overflow of high-temperature flue gas must also make a lot of heat energy unable to be effectively used in the furnace. In the production process of the furnace, with the change of heat supply, the amount of fuel and corresponding air shall be adjusted in time, and the correct air-fuel share and the lowest excess air coefficient shall be adhered to. Too much air will take away the added flue gas, heat loss and fuel consumption. If the air volume is too small, it will cause incomplete incineration in the furnace. Usually, 1% combustible components are added to the flue gas, 12% heat loss is taken away by the flue gas, and the fuel loss rate is 3-5%. For different fuels of ceramsite sand rotary kiln, the detailed values are: heavy oil 2.85%, coke oven gas 2.5%, coal 3.2%, generator gas 4% and blast furnace gas 5%.

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