Heat Treatment Process of Mesh Belt Kiln

时间:2015-04-30 作者 :adminhk

As we know, the mesh belt kiln is a kind of equipment used in firing, spraying and other industries, which has the characteristics of convenient operation and high efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used, and its excellent performance is inseparable from its production technology. Today, we share with you the heat treatment process of this equipment:

1. Furnace atmosphere control: the combination of oxygen probe and infrared instrument and the continuous emergence of other new carbon potential control technologies not only improve the accuracy and stability of carbon potential control, but also better adapt to the atmosphere of gas source preparation. The appearance of continuous net belt furnace quenching water vapor eliminating device stabilizes the atmosphere in the furnace and ensures the accuracy of carbon potential control. With the development of methanol gasification, cracking and other technologies, and the widespread use of stirring fans in the furnace, the uniformity of atmosphere in the furnace is further improved. In addition, the sealing welding method of furnace shell can not only save energy, but also be conducive to the long-term stability of atmosphere in the furnace.

2. Feeding control system: quantity, weight and uniformity can be controlled, so that the tipping bucket type, magnetic tape type, suction cup type, ladder type and vibration type feeding system can be widely used. Automatic control of feeding rhythm and frequency control, convenient for automatic arrangement of parts direction, and real-time monitoring of feeding thickness. From the source, it provides a guarantee for the accurate implementation of the heat treatment process of the mesh belt kiln.

3. Quench tank control: in order to ensure the uniformity of hardness and reduce the deformation of parts of the equipment, from the previous goal of simply reducing the cooling speed to the effort to improve the cooling uniformity, the quench tank is added with a speed adjustable strong mixer, the flow field of the quench tank is emphasized, the temperature uniformity of the quench tank is emphasized, the temperature of the quench tank is controllable, and the performance tester of the computer cooling medium is also allowed Accepted by multiple users.

4. Distortion control of heat treatment: the hot area of the quenching furnace can be lengthened to remove the stress, and the fully enclosed controllable graded quenching oil tank with heat preservation is used, with the temperature uniformity of the quenching medium of 5 ℃. In order to reduce the retained austenite volume of bearing parts and control the micro deformation of bearing after processing, it will be popularized to add cooling treatment device after quenching in mesh belt furnace production line.

The above describes the principle and advantages of the heat treatment process of the mesh belt kiln in detail. When heat treatment is carried out for the equipment, the operation shall be standardized according to the requirements, so as to avoid damage to the system due to improper operation, or even affect the production process.