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Heating and Temperature Control System of Rotary Kiln


As a kind of kiln equipment used to produce high-temperature refractory materials, the rotary kiln has a very good temperature resistance performance because of its own heating temperature control system. When it comes to the heating temperature control system, many people may be unfamiliar with it, so let's introduce it in detail.

1. It can effectively control and utilize the shearing heat produced in the extrusion process and reduce the power consumption of extrusion heating.

2. The heating temperature control system of rotary kiln adopts Matsushita RKC temperature control meter with stable, reliable and durable performance or directly controlled by computer.

3. Extruder heater with air-cooled inner air groove.

4. Durable cast aluminum heater (or ceramic heater) is adopted, which has the advantages of uniform heating, fast heat conduction and high thermal efficiency.

Therefore, generally speaking, the heating and temperature control system is a very important setting for rotary kiln. Once the system is wrong, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the kiln, which will lead to the reduction or poor production quality.

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