Hongke Heavy Industry Provides New Technology for Sludge Incineration in Rotary Kiln

时间:2021-12-08 作者 :超级管理员

The rotary kiln incineration of sludge is a relatively rapid development project in recent years. The sludge incineration rotary kiln is a treatment equipment that turns sludge into waste. It mainly uses the incinerator to heat and dry the dewatered sludge, and then oxidizes the organic matter in the sludge at high temperature to make the sludge become a calcination equipment with a small amount of ash. Using this equipment can realize the effective unity of environmental and economic benefits. Sludge is not easy to handle and should not be stored. Calcination in rotary kiln can reduce the floor area and reduce pollution. Hongke's exploration of many tests of rotary kiln and the change of fuel quality caused by the intervention of dust in the process of sludge drying, puts forward the following work operations for reference:

1. In order to improve the efficiency of fuel substitution for sludge drying in rotary kiln, dust removal measures should be taken first for the tail gas entering the system; If drying treatment is directly used, it must greatly improve the dust removal efficiency, reduce the effect on sludge quality and improve its heat utilization efficiency.

2. In the case of high dust concentration, the effect of further dust removal measures on its dried sludge will be very obvious.

3. The drying process of sludge will become more and more clear with the increase of its calorific value due to dilution. For the treatment of sludge with low calorific value, the dust removal step of hot flue gas can be omitted.

4. The overall benefit should be the first goal of sludge disposal in rotary kiln. For the dilution in the process of replacing fuel with sludge, it is necessary to carry out necessary analysis and demonstration process, and obtain the best treatment method through comparison.