Hongke Strives to Build the Most Authentic and Reliable High Quality Lime Rotary Kiln

时间:2018-09-27 作者 :adminhk

The company strives to create the most authentic and reliable high-quality lime rotary kiln. The company's rotary kiln equipment invents high-quality equipment of common value, leading more enterprises to jointly carry out the wonderful future, and work with you to invent new development. New energy-saving rotary kiln equipment in the market, sales continue to be in a leading position, has a very stable market base. The material baked by rotary kiln has good color, high quality and no loss of nutrition. After a long period of research and market research, it fully meets the needs of modern calcination technology and brings considerable economic benefits.

In the consumption process, the lime rotary kiln constantly churns and rotates to increase the heating area. With high mechanization level, the consumption can be large and the continuous operation can be realized. All materials are in this stop calcination, so in the use of the process to avoid cracks in the cylinder. The rotary kiln of our company has further improved the engineering steps on its foundation, reducing its work energy consumption and calcining effect. Rotary kiln equipment manufacturers, the company has a professional technical team, improve the consumption process, to create high-efficiency energy-saving boutique.

We also provide supporting services, a professional team to create rotary kiln equipment to meet the needs of consumers. The company's rotary kiln has been implemented in various provinces and cities in China, please feel free to use it. Some relatively cohesive sand raw materials, if directly put into the rotary kiln disposal, usually not easy to completely calcine at one time, because of the high viscosity of raw materials, it is easy to adhere to the cylinder lifting plate, which is very unfavorable for air drying of raw materials. At the same time, it will also form wear on the wall of calcining equipment and affect the service life of rotary kiln.

Before calcining the sand raw materials with high viscosity, our customers will inlay a set of raw materials inside the calcining equipment barrel to disperse and install them. These raw materials will be crushed by the pulverizer first, and then the calcination will be stopped. This will not only improve the calcination efficiency and ensure the calcination quality, save the expenses, but also ensure the operation life of the rotary kiln equipment. A set of new rotary kiln parts usually have a service life of 2-3 months, and then they will gradually wear and tear. At this time, we also need to stop repairing and replacing them. Otherwise, the forced use will only slow down the consumption efficiency and affect the operation efficiency.

Our company's mechanical friendship reminds you that you should often check the supporting equipment of lime rotary kiln, such as whether the bolts of the escort machine and various connecting parts are loose, and whether the belt tightness is normal; in addition, maintenance workers should timely add butter and oil to all parts of the lime rotary kiln, and regularly check whether the main machine and supporting equipment have abnormal sound. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine in time for disposal Check whether the parts are defective. If any defect is found, it should be updated and disposed in time.

Since the establishment of the company machinery factory, from time to time in the lime rotary kiln technology and application of new innovation and development. With efficient management and active service attitude, the company has established a good reputation among many cooperative partners, and is inclusive, deepening its development to the pipeline application industry from time to time.