How Can Rotary Dryer Equipment Be More Durable?

时间:2020-08-18 作者 :adminhk

1. Start up normal, in a production line, there must be all kinds of drying equipment, but the characteristics of each machine are different, so we love to operate the dryer when the operating procedures can not be a bit lax, so we in the operation, we must first carry out the idling test, in order to ensure that the equipment is not abnormal in the production process, because, in the process of twisting In particular, there are problems.

2. No matter what kind or type of dryer, it is equipped with the manufacturer's operating instructions. When we use the dryer, it is necessary for the staff to skillfully operate the equipment, its parameters and material specific requirements, and strictly control the particle size and purity of the feed, so as to prevent the unsafe drying effect and harm to the equipment.

3. In the process of using equipment to process materials, it is necessary to calculate the humidity ratio of input materials and the efficiency of dryer, so as to prevent excessive intake of wet materials and unstable output. Also, it can prevent the formation of excessive material feeding.

4. When the dryer completes the processing of a unit, first of all, we should send someone to do a good job of cleaning the equipment, timely check whether there is abnormal at the given part of the equipment, ensure the normal daily operation of the dryer, enhance the durability of the equipment, and extend the service life of the drying equipment.